Male, 18, 1'10', 18lbs, Black Eyes, Smooth Orange/Green Skin, Monk


Diggsi is a lithe Grippli, and fairly tall for his race nearing two feet tall. His skin is mostly Orange with green stripes, and his eyes are entirely black. He likes to wear all black clothing, but he doesn’t wear shirts only vests. He isn’t a fan of shoes.

Generally happy individual who occasionally gets serious. Doesn’t drink often but when he does he gets super wasted very quickly. Is somewhat curious.

Enjoys laughing.
Optimistic, always sunny.
Willing to eat, or try, almost any food.
Kind of wishes he could fly.
Has had sex with an elf, Jaila. He was drunk, she wasn’t.

Chews with his mouth open.
Can’t hold his liquor.
Occasionally laughs at inopportune/inappropriate times.
Perhaps too optimistic.

Jaila Lek’tera, she’s 124 and in love with Diggsi but feels somewhat odd because of the age difference his lack of a lifespan. She is currently on a personal quest to find a way to increase his life span.
Fellis, semi enemies now.
Ganlo Tree Monks

The Prime Minister
Fellis, semi.


Diggsi is likely an orphan since no one is quite sure who his parents are, though it is entirely possible it’s someone in the Ganlo Tree Monks. He of course considers them all family since they raised him. The Ganlo Tree Monks live just out the city of [insert elven city name here]. They often trade or come into the city for various reasons. They often end up visiting and drinking with Fellis, a resident drunk Oo-rak.

When Diggsi was around six years old he got separated from the other monks and got lost. While lost he happened accross Jaila sitting up in a tree crying over the recent loss of her father in an Oo-rak raid attack. Within minutes Diggsi had her smiling and helped to ease her pain. This the was beginning of an incredibly strong friendship. Secretly they are both in love with one another but fear to be open with each other. Diggsi is optimistic about it but is uncertain about how to breach the subject and is now made even more awkward after the passionate night they shared. Diggsi was drunk, and Jaila wasn’t though he thinks otherwise, and they had an enjoyable night of sex. Soon after Jaila told Diggsi that she had to go away to do something incredibly important for both her and him(her quest to try an increase his lifespan, but she doesn’t say this.).

It’s soon after she leaves that Fellis and Diggsi are drinking together when they have the great idea of throwing Diggsi to simulate flying. They also figured the best possible target is of course The Prime Minister. Had they had a judges watching they would have gotten straight tens. Fellis had to flee the city quickly due a drunk interrogation of Diggsi essentially blaming it all on Fellis but saying that it was all no problem because it was fun.

Now sober and with a headache, Diggsi sits in the prison.


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